AJAI-40 Designers Stitched

Rs. 9,250

Item: Shirt & Dupatta

Shirt & Dupatta

Size: XS

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Shirt: Cambric
Dupatta: Lawn
Color: Black

Dive into a world where black and powder blue collide, creating a canvas of captivating beauty. Here Urwa Hocane dons a captivating combination of embroidery adorned with botanical florals and tribal motifs that dance in perfect harmony. Inspired by the mystical Cairene ethos and the rich tapestry of cultural design philosophies, this design is a visual feast for the eyes. Like a stroke of brilliance, the bright white accents illuminate the ensemble, adding depth and intrigue. As you drape yourself in the printed-lawn dupatta, a canvas of vivid artworks, you carry with you a treasure that transcends time, reminding you of the beauty that lies within. 

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