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ajsm-48-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,550
Black is the canvas and the embroidery is the paint in this ensemble from ‘The Maahru’ that features paper cotton shirt and poly lawn trouser. Adorn with intricate sequins and...
ajsm-27-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,350
Bask in the golden rays of ‘The Maahru’ with this Marigold yellow ensemble that blooms with intricate floral and branches embroidery, akin to a field of sunflowers in full bloom....
ajsm-29-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,150
In ‘The Maahru’, Saboor Aly brings a special element of timeless radiance and enchantment. Adorn with utmost delicacy and art this powder blue number is ornamented with whimsical embroideries rendered...
ajsm-38-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,150
Make everyone's eyes turn on you as you enter the ballroom with this eye-catchy delight! The rich apricot hue of the chiffon center panel is perfectly complemented by the vivacious...
ajsm-42-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 5,950
Like the bloom of a camellia rose in the first light of dawn, Saboor Aly graces the catwalk in 'The Maahru.' This ethereal collection shimmers with the brilliance of a...
ajsm-46-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,450
Charm like Saboor Aly in this vibrant jam hue ensemble is the perfect statement piece for gorgeous Pakistani ladies. Every aspect of this ensemble is thoughtfully designed, from the ankle-length...
ajsm-49-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,650
In a sea of muted hues, this teal ensemble is a rare gem that sparkles with the vibrancy of a mermaid's tail. With crewel embroidery in heavy golden zari, it...
ajsm-32-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,770
Saboor Aly is a sight to behold in this rose mauve ensemble from ‘The Maahru’ by Asim Jofa. Like a blossoming garden in springtime, this outfit is a work of...