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ajp-01-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 4,650Rs. 6,250
A canvas of blooming colourful embroideries is placed on a mustard base, a must-have for your daily wear wardrobe. This design includes: 1 embroidery center panel on centric 4 embroidery...
ajp-13-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,850Rs. 7,850
A classy shirt on dark sandy shade is decked with intricate embroidery on the front and sleeves with delicate motifs. Paired with silk pants and yarn-dyed dupatta. Style this cute...
ajp-06-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 2,750Rs. 3,850
Flaunt your timeless style dressed in this minimal embroidered Dark Blue One-Piece, A perfect blend of beiges and blues with hints of sequins. This design includes: 1 center panel with...
ajp-10-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,650Rs. 5,250
Get your hands on this embroidered lime yellow self-jacquard for this perfect springtime. Paired with matching dyed cambric pants. This design includes: 1-meter embroidered front panel on self-jacquard30” by 48”...
ajp-11-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 2,650Rs. 3,750
Subtle shades this summer, with hues of silver and touches of sequins on a light pink canvas. This design includes: 1-meter embroidered center panel on cambric2 embroidered side panel for...
ajp-02-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,950Rs. 5,750
Shine bright in this stunning burgundy ensemble featuring delicate embroidery on front along with  sleeve hem paired with straight trousers to enhance the daytime look. This design includes: 1 embroidered...
ajp-05-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 2,350Rs. 3,950
Black-hued embroideries with glimpses of transparent sequins. This embroidered shirt is all you need to complete your daily look. This design includes: 1 embroidered center panel on cambric2 R/L embroidered...
ajp-07-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,750
A beautiful concoction on self-jacquard with the blending of orange & rust tones making this design a valued addition in your summer closet. This design includes: 1-meter embroidered neckline on...
ajp-08-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,150
This lively lilac is all that you need for the spring season. We pair this beautifully embroidered curation with dyed cambric trousers. This design includes: 1- embroidered center panel on...
ajp-15-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 4,750
This rosewood pink two piece comes with an embroidered placket with V-neckline, along with embroidered border on sleeves and hem. Sway away with this beautiful all over the embroidered medium...
ajp-09-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 6,450
Enchant in this subtle ivory shade three-piece, with scattered embroidery of peach, sage green, and gold zari with a glimpse of sequins on each motif.  This design includes: 45” by...
ajp-12-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 4,950
An aesthetically pleasing texture is depicted on this Cambridge blue ensemble. It features paired sleeves with beautiful embroidery. This minimal dress is an ideal option to look elegant at everyday...
AJWS-06 (1-PC)

AJWS-06 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,660
Step into regal elegance with this sage green self-jacquard shirt, adorned with sequin embroidery that glistens on the sleeves and shirt borders, exuding a luxurious aura. DESCRIPTION: A beautiful ivory...
AJWS-11 (1-PC)

AJWS-11 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,070
Make a bold statement donning this deep purple shirt highlighted by an embroidered Y-shaped neckline and embroidered details around the sleeve hem giving it a classy edge. DESCRIPTION: Purple self-jacquard...
AJWS-13 (1-PC)

AJWS-13 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,630
Embark on a journey of Indian elegance with this rust self-jacquard shirt, where contemporary motifs intricately weave with traditional charm, creating a tapestry of cultural grace on the sleeves. DESCRIPTION:...


Rs. 3,450
Dress in style with this cobalt blue shirt and ivory dupatta set, featuring calico motifs that beautifully complement the charming paisley and floral embroidery on the neckline.
AJWS-07 (1-PC)

AJWS-07 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,560
Radiate glamour with this yellow self-jacquard shirt, featuring dazzling sequins embroidery that embellishes the borders, making a statement of impeccable style. DESCRIPTION: Sunny yellow self-jacquard straight cut shirt spiced up...
ajp-03-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,200
This fresh pistachio green canvas is layered with heavily embroidered borders along with scattered florals on the front and sleeves. Paired with matching cambric pants. This design includes: 1-Embroidered front...


Rs. 2,450
An alluring deep burgundy straight shirt adorned with a striking block print pattern, complemented by a delicately embroidered neckline.
AJWS-03 (1-PC)

AJWS-03 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,630
Indulge in opulence with this maroon self-jacquard shirt, adorned with intricate threadwork motifs scattered all over the shirt. The detailed embroidery motifs adorning the sleeves add a touch of grandeur...