Lawn Fabric

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ajbp-50-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-50 (1-PC)

Rs. 780
Infuse your wardrobe with the allure of golden radiance and ethnic motifs. 'Asim Jofa Prints' presents a mesmerizing 1-piece ensemble in a stunning blue hue with delicate hints of red....
ajbp-47-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-47 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,460
Radiate the brilliance of a sunflower's charm with this enchanting ensemble, painted in the hues of a summer sunrise. The vibrant yellow shade glows like the cheerful demeanor, while the...
ajbp-37-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-37 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,100
A captivating tapestry of deep mustard hues awaits you in this opulent ensemble, curated to perfection with traditional Pakistani design sensibilities. The shirt is a canvas of mesmerizing patterns and...
ajbp-52-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-52 (2-PCS)

Rs. 1,380
Delight in the eternal charm of paisley motifs with this 'Asim Jofa Prints' ensemble. The pristine white canvas comes to life with intelligently placed red paisley, floral patterns, and intricate...
ajbp-34-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-34 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,040
Take a magical journey with this enchanting ensemble, reminiscent of the mystical patterns found in Persian and Afghani carpets. The mustard hue of the shirt and dupatta exudes warmth and...
ajbp-53-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-53 (2-PCS)

Rs. 1,380
Bask in the ethereal beauty of this design, The shirt blooms with botanical and floral motifs, adding a touch of nature's splendor to your ensemble. Along the sides, the graceful...
ajbp-38-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-38 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,400
Embrace the richness of purple and the beauty of artistry with this captivating design. The digitally printed lawn shirt features a harmonious fusion of geometric and floral motifs, while the...
ajbp-31-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-31 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,040
Possessing an overwhelming touch of ethnicity and modernity, this Beige number from Asim Jofa Prints is exuding lush vibes. Inspired by tribal motifs this digitally printed ensemble is a classic...
ajbp-42-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-42 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,400
Blossom in the splendor of pink with this captivating ensemble. The embroidered neckline adds a touch of sophistication, while the shirt showcases timeless elegance. The red-tinted dupatta boasts intricate prints...
ajbp-60-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-60 (1-PC)

Rs. 780
Let the charm of monochrome captivate you with this 'Asim Jofa Prints' ensemble. The digitally printed lawn shirt showcases a delightful mix of floral and tribal motifs, adding depth and...
ajbp-36-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-36 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,580
Unleash your inner art connoisseur with this design in teal blue, where the digitally printed lawn shirt and chiffon dupatta evoke the essence of contemporary art. The motifs intertwine like...
ajbp-35-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-35 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,040
DESCRIPTION Like the sun's golden rays, the allure of royal blue emanates from this 'Asim Jofa Prints' ensemble. Its neckline beams with excellence, and the red accents cast a warm...
ajbp-56-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-56 (1-PC)

Rs. 780
Be mesmerized by the majestic beauty of flora in this 'Asim Jofa Prints' ensemble. The ochre canvas becomes a mesmerizing backdrop for the rhythmic floral print in enchanting blue hues....
ajbp-57-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-57 (1-PC)

Rs. 780
Experience the epitome of muted sophistication with this design, where the delightful magenta hue breathes life into the intricately printed lawn shirt. The paisley patterns create an aura of timeless...
ajbp-49-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-49 (2-PCS)

Rs. 1,500
Plunge into a cobalt reverie where waves of blue unfold, adorned with vibrant treasures. Like turquoise gems and seaweed's delicate hues, motifs dance on the shirt's canvas, a tale of...
ajbp-58-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-58 (1-PC)

Rs. 780
Unravel the enigma of maroon and black with this captivating design from 'Asim Jofa Prints.' The digitally printed lawn shirt features a mesmerizing interplay of a mix of motifs on...
ajbp-54-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-54 (2-PCS)

Rs. 1,620
Embrace the charm of black and gold in this majestic ensemble. This piece is having golden motifs on a black canvas, which exudes grace. The embroidered neckline gives a touch...
ajbp-59-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-59 (1-PC)

Rs. 780
As if painted by the hands of a master artist, this design brings together black floral paisley motifs in a breathtaking display upon a canvas of alluring taupe. The digitally...
ajbp-48-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-48 (2-PCS)

Rs. 1,440
Like a twilight reverie, this 'Asim Jofa Prints' design blends hues of blue and purple with gilded motifs inspired by architectural beauty. The digitally printed lawn shirt is a vision...
ajbp-41-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-41 (3-PCS)

Rs. 2,220
Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of bluish grey with this graceful attire. The embroidered neckline adds a touch of shimmering elegance. The digitally printed lawn shirt and chiffon dupatta...