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Rs. 4,350
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By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Shirt: Dobby
Trouser: Cambric
Dupatta: Mehsuri
Color: White

Like a canvas painted with the hues of a lively sunrise, this ivory number from Asim Jofa's “Aira – Summer Print Collection” emanates a vibrant vibe that captivates the soul. The embroidered neckline serves as the focal point drawing the eye to its intricate details. The digital printed shirt adorned with multicolored motifs reflects the playful dance of colors against the fabric. Paired with a maroon digital printed silver mehsuri dupatta, this outfit becomes a symphony of elegance and charm. Let its vibrant energy envelop you, transforming every moment into a celebration of style and grace.


  • Embroidered neckline on organza
  • 1.8 meters wide-width digital dobby shirt
  • 1.5 meters wide-width dyed cambric trouser
  • 2.5 meters digital silver mehsuri dupatta

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