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Shirt: Khaddar
By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Khaddar
Color: Light blue
Shawl: Khaddar Zari

Dive into the ethereal beauty of this light blue ensemble adorned with multicolored accents that resonate with sophistication. The intricate and detailed motifs are fusion of traditional and modern elements, transform this outfit into a canvas of artistry. The khaddar zari shawl is a masterpiece of ethnic charm in the same vibrant shades, adding a layer of cultural richness. Slay this design with Asim Jofa's Asra - Winter Shawl Collection, where every thread weaves a story of timeless elegance.


  • 1.8 meter wide width digital khaddar shirt
  • 1.5 meter wide width dyed khaddar trouser
  • 2.5 meter digital khaddar zari shawl

3 - 5 working days
5 - 7 working days

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