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SKU: AJK-07-Unstitched Fabric: Cotton Slub Crosshatch Color: Mustard
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Shalimar Bagh: An immensely rustic design ensues the earthy richness of sozani inspired stitches rendered on nugget gold base etched with gold zari spice up by maroon,dark green and beige thread enchanted into this alluring attire. The subtlety of this filigree design is emboldened by an artsy velvet wool printed shawl capturing the autumn pastures of olden Kashmir when it was under the rule of Mughals from 15th till 17th century graced by a royal procession testament to the historic significance of the region.


1 Embroidered Center Panel for Front (W=12” H =42”)
1 Embroidered Center Panel for Back (W=12” H =42”)
19” Side Panel for Front
19” Side Panel for Back
60" Inch Daman Border for Front and Back on Applique
1 Meter Embroidered Sleeves with Border
1.25 Meters Embroidered Chak Border for Front on Applique
2.5 Yard Woven Velvet Printed Shawl
1.75 Meters Dyed Cotton Slub Trouser

Note: Shirt and trouser fabric are on wide width