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SKU: AJSW-03-Unstitched
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By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Shirt: Paper cotton
Trouser: Lawn Silk
Dupatta: Chiffon
Color: Purple

Step into a realm where elegance whispers on every thread of this royal purple ensemble. The shirt, a canvas of aspirations, is adorned with intricate black threadwork and sequins embroidery, where each stitch is a secret shared among petals. An embroidered neckline on Organza is a reflection of dreams, while central and side panels embody tales of timeless charm. Embroidered sleeves and hemline borders brush against eternity's edge. A Chiffon dupatta, like a soft sigh, and a dyed Lawn Silk trouser complete this enigmatic ensemble.


  • Embroidered neckline front & back on organza
  • 30" embroidered front with 30" border
  • 30" embroidered back with 30" border
  • Embroidered sleeves 1-meter
  • 2.5 meter embroidered chaak border
  • 2.5 meter embroidered dupatta
  • 1.5 meter lawn silk trouser

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