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Shirt: Lawn Silk
By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Lawn Silk
Dupatta: Chiffon
Color: Teal

In the evocative narrative of Asim Jofa's "Shadow Work" collection, model Iqra Aziz becomes the vessel through which a story of elegance and allure is told. This ensemble is a journey of contrasts, where silver zari and black threadwork coalesce like a melodic duet. Each embroidered detail is a chord of emotions struck, a composition of unspoken truths. The 9mm sequins are like notes of music suspended in the air, their gentle sparkle infusing the fabric with a rhythm of enchantment. The neckline stands as the opening note of a sonata—a promise of the harmonious beauty that follows. Amidst this musical composition, the floral baroque motifs and paisley elements are like verses of an age-old ballad, revived for the modern stage with elegance and flair.


  • 30'' embroidered front with border on lawn silk
  • 30'' embroidered back with border on lawn silk
  • Pair of embroidered sleeves with border on lawn silk
  • 2.5 meter embroidered dupatta on chiffon
  • 1.5 meter dyed lawn silk for trouser

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