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ajsm-43-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,650
Adorn yourself in the lush, verdant hues of this Olive Green ensemble from ‘The Meerub’, modeled by the graceful Yumna Zaidi. Like the leaves of a flourishing tree, the ethereal...
ajsm-28-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 5,950
Yumna Zaidi sparkles in this in this blooming number from ‘The Meerub’. The embroidery on this garment is like a constellation of stars, each one shining with its unique radiance....
ajsm-44-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,350
In this dark mauve ensemble, Yumna Zaidi exudes an aura of luxury and refinement. The shirt is a jewel of embroidery on the front and back, a delicate neckline and...
ajsm-34-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,250
Yumna Zaidi brings her bold and confident energy to ‘The Meerub’ by Asim Jofa. This black beauty features glorious silver embroidery and fleecy fabrics that are sure to turn heads....
ajsm-40-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,550
Like a flower in bloom, Yumna Zaidi blossoms in ‘The Meerub’ embroidered chiffon ensemble, She shines with elegance and grace in every part of this powder pink and mehendi hue...
ajsm-36-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,150
Yumna Zaidi personifies elegance in 'The Meerub', a stunning collection that encapsulates the beauty of tradition with modern fashion. This exquisite pink ensemble features delicate net fabric, intricately adorned with...
ajsm-47-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,750
Radiant petals blossom into a garden of delight, adorning the stunning chiffon georgette shirt of 'The Meerub' collection. With an ankle-length cut and heavy embroidery, this piece is a true...
ajsm-35-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,450
There is something hypnotic and alluring about this black chiffon peshwas from 'The Meerub' collection, worn with elegance and grace by Yumna Zaidi. The floral embroidery, crafted in a glittering...
ajsm-39-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 6,450
A divine look with evergreen combination of Ivory and black from ‘The Meerub’ by Asim Jofa is a celebration of contrasts and balance. The base of ivory symbolizes purity and...
ajsm-31-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 5,950
Give yourself a minimalist yet impactful aesthetic with this Essex Green number from ‘The Meerub’ by Asim Jofa. The juxtaposition of chiffon and poly cotton in this ensemble creates a...