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Rs. 5,350
Stay ravishing in berry red with a gold-embroidered neckline on the shirt and harmonious paisley and baroque-inspired prints, all complemented by a deep pink dupatta.


Rs. 5,850
Indulge in elegance with this plum-toned ensemble featuring exquisite embroidery, an onyx Indian Lawn dupatta, and solid trousers.


Rs. 5,850
Step into regal sophistication with this outfit that includes a royal blue shirt, luminous embroidery, and a fiery Indian Lawn dupatta.


Rs. 3,650
Discover the allure of ivory cream in this 2-piece ensemble, with a shirt boasting elegant beige toile-de-jouy patterns, and graceful violet neckline embroidery.


Rs. 3,450
Dress in style with this cobalt blue shirt and ivory dupatta set, featuring calico motifs that beautifully complement the charming paisley and floral embroidery on the neckline.


Rs. 2,450
An alluring deep burgundy straight shirt adorned with a striking block print pattern, complemented by a delicately embroidered neckline.


Rs. 2,250
Step into a timeless charm with this graceful tea rose tunic, featuring delicate Turkish motifs and beautifully detailed neckline embroidery.
AJWS-12 (1-PC)

AJWS-12 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,350
Immerse yourself in ethnic elegance with this Fuchsia pink self-jacquard shirt, adorned with sequins embroidery that adorns the front and sleeves border, offering a harmonious blend of trend and tradition....
AJWS-10 (1-PC)

AJWS-10 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,910
Explore the depths of elegance with this Persian green self-jacquard shirt, featuring intricate fuchsia-colored embroidery accentuated on sleeves and borders, complemented by a subtle Arabesque design on the neckline. DESCRIPTION:...
AJWS-09 (1-PC)

AJWS-09 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,210
Unveil the allure of nature with this beige self-jacquard shirt, adorned with captivating botanica embroidery that captures the essence of natural beauty. DESCRIPTION: Botanical motifs inspired beige self-jacquard shirt comes...
AJWS-08 (1-PC)

AJWS-08 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,910
Adorn yourself with elegance in this grey self-jacquard shirt, where paisley embroidery gracefully adorns the shirt border, executed in delicate threadwork. DESCRIPTION: Grey self-jacquard shirt adorned with delicate paisley embroidery...
AJWS-07 (1-PC)

AJWS-07 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,560
Radiate glamour with this yellow self-jacquard shirt, featuring dazzling sequins embroidery that embellishes the borders, making a statement of impeccable style. DESCRIPTION: Sunny yellow self-jacquard straight cut shirt spiced up...
AJWS-05 (1-PC)

AJWS-05 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,840
Experience a fusion of vibrancy and elegance with this black self-jacquard shirt, enriched by vibrant Iznik embroidery imbued in hues of blue that gracefully accent the neckline and sleeve borders....
AJWS-04 (1-PC)

AJWS-04 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,770
Envelop yourself in elegance with this navy blue self-jacquard shirt, featuring ivory-colored bold thread embroidery that gracefully adorns the neckline and borders, creating a harmonious composition. DESCRIPTION: Navy blue self-jacquard...
AJWS-03 (1-PC)

AJWS-03 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,630
Indulge in opulence with this maroon self-jacquard shirt, adorned with intricate threadwork motifs scattered all over the shirt. The detailed embroidery motifs adorning the sleeves add a touch of grandeur...
AJWS-02 (1-PC)

AJWS-02 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,420
Embrace the allure of tribal vibes in this golden yellow self-jacquard shirt, where maroon embroidery unfurls to create an enchanting visual narrative. A beautiful fusion of cultures, captured on fabric....
AJWS-01 (1-PC)

AJWS-01 (1-PC)

Rs. 3,050
Elevate your sophistication with this off-white self-jacquard shirt adorned with delicate floral embroidery. It will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe. DESCRIPTION:  Off-white self-jacquard shirt adorned with delicate pink...
ajpe-48-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 4,150
An embodiment of understated grandeur, this rust cambric shirt is a captivating work of art. The intricate embroidery with border and sleeve creates a captivating textural interplay, drawing the eye...
ajpe-46-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,250
An evocative Ice-water shade defines this pristine cambric shirt, evoking a sense of serenity and calm. The shirt's design is marked by tasteful embellishments, such as the embroidered lace neckline...
ajpe-34-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-34 (2-PC)

Rs. 5,750
As whimsical as a mermaid, the sea green cambric shirt and trouser ensemble is an ode to understated elegance. The embroidered center panel and sleeve border on cambric add a...
ajpe-47-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,650
The raspberry-pink hue of this cambric shirt and trouser ensemble oozes an air of playfulness, making it a must-have for the fashion-savvy. The bold blue embroidery howls extravagance. Our trendy...
ajpe-41-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-41 (2-PC)

Rs. 6,450
Reinvent your wardrobe and discover your true style with Asim Jofa’s Essentials collection. The subtle yet striking color of this sage green cambric shirt is complemented by the intricate embroidery...
ajpe-37-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,150
This cambric shirt is dramatic by virtue of its lavender color. The white embroidery on the shirt's central panel and borders reflects a keen eye for detail. The use of...
ajpe-44-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,350
In this charming creation from Asim Jofa’s Essentials collection, the delicate leek green hue of the cambric shirt and trousers brings a fresh, spring-like quality to the ensemble. The embroidered...
ajpe-35-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-35 (2-PC)

Rs. 3,950Rs. 5,650
This delectable chocolate brown ensemble from Asim Jofa’s Essential collection is a sartorial indulgence for the fashion-conscious. The embroidered front and sleeves on cambric add an element of sophistication, while...
ajpe-45-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-45 (1-PC)

Rs. 4,150
A refreshing take on a classic piece, this candle light pearl cambric shirt is a visual symphony that embodies subtle poise. This cambric number for the front and back creates...
ajpe-42-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,750Rs. 5,550
Make your mark and showcase your individuality with this eclectic piece. This classy outfit is an ideal illustration of how the color cream can convey high standards of aesthetics. The...
ajpe-33-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-33 (2-PC)

Rs. 6,250
Be bold, be fierce, be you with our edgy Essentials collection. The cinnamon stick hue of this 3-piece ensemble, adorned with ornate and floral golden embroidery, feels like a nod...
ajpe-39-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 6,350
This cream-pink ensemble from Asim Jofa’s Essentials collection exudes a delicate femininity that is both sophisticated and charming. The meticulously embroidered center panel and sleeve borders on the cambric shirt...
ajpe-36-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-36 (2-PC)

Rs. 5,850
In this Maple sugar brown ensemble, the devil is in the details. The shirt is the perfect balance of texture and simplicity, with its embroidered front and sleeves, and plain...
ajpe-25-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-25 (2-PC)

Rs. 4,550Rs. 6,950
In the depths of the ocean blue, there lies a sartorial treasure that captivates the senses. Behold, a two-piece ensemble from Asim Jofa Essential collection that exudes a serene beauty,...
ajpe-04-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-04 (3-PC)

Rs. 7,350Rs. 10,650
The fusion of traditional techniques with modern designs in this carmine-hued ensemble from Asim Jofa's Essentials collection is a testament to the brand's bold and daring approach to fashion. This...
ajpe-07-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-07 (3-PC)

Rs. 9,050
The beauty is in the details of this Asim Jofa Essentials ensemble in a mesmerizing teal hue. The cambric shirt is adorned with embroidered side panels and a border for...
ajpe-26-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-26 (1-PC)

Rs. 6,150
When it comes to bold hues and vibrant prints, there's something to be said for the simple beauty of a well-crafted, understated garment. This soft pink cambric shirt is a...
ajpe-09-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-09 (3-PC)

Rs. 5,050Rs. 7,750
This off-white cambric 3-piece outfit from Asim Jofa's Essentials collection is a visual treat, with exquisite embroidery that is a true feast for the eyes. The pop of aqua adds...
ajpe-20-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-20 (1-PC)

Rs. 6,350Rs. 8,450
This one-piece from Essentials collection is a celebration of life and vigor in a dazzling shade of neon lime. An elegant touch of embroidery around the neckline of a cambric...
ajpe-28-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-28 (3-PC)

Rs. 6,350Rs. 8,550
The warm and delicate tones of peach set the tone for this stunning ensemble. The intricately embroidered front and back panels on the self-jacquard lend a sense of playfulness and...
ajpe-24-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-24 (1-PC)

Rs. 3,250Rs. 5,050
This classic number from Essential collection is a striking black cambric shirt adorned with luminous embroidery that catches the light just so. The embroidered center panel on the front commands...
ajpe-19-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-19 (3-PC)

Rs. 7,250
In sea green, this three-piece ensemble from Essentials collection is a playful celebration of summer. A cambric shirt boasts an embroidered front that catches the eye, while the embroidered sleeves...
ajpe-13-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-13 (3-PC)

Rs. 5,750Rs. 8,350
Indulge in a bit of ice-blue-sky daydreaming with this gorgeous Asim Jofa ensemble. A refreshing number meets sinuous white embroidery featuring zari chiffon dupatta and a flowy silhouette, this ensemble...
ajpe-18-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-18 (2-PC)

Rs. 6,700
In a burst of magenta, this two-piece ensemble from Asim Jofa's Essentials collection is a love letter to traditional craftsmanship. A cambric shirt features a sumptuous center panel of white...
ajpe-06-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-06 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,950Rs. 4,450
Asim Jofa's self jacquard shirt in hot pink with gold embroidery is a true statement piece. The embroidered front and back, along with the embroidered sleeves and neck pati, make...
ajpe-14-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-14 (2-PC)

Rs. 6,650Rs. 9,450
Make a statement in this black cambric ensemble adorned with anfractuous branches and opulent leaves embroidery, exuding an air of elegance and luxury. Leave a lasting impression with Asim Jofa’s...
ajpe-15-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-15 (2-PC)

Rs. 4,850Rs. 7,150
Asim Jofa's sunflower cambric is the epitome of vivacious vibes with some white motifs patterned embroidery. Bloom all season long in this Asim Jofa piece and let your inner goddess...
ajpe-23-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-23 (2- PC)

Rs. 6,750
In a world of coffee hues, this Espresso Brown number is a bold and delicious choice. The embroidered front and back on cambric, along with the embroidered border on the...
ajpe-16-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-16 (3-PC)

Rs. 7,800
Asim Jofa's three-piece outfit in beige is the perfect example of understated elegance. The embroidered cambric shirt, paired with the dyed cambric trousers and zari chiffon dupatta, create a seamless...
ajpe-03-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-03 (1-PC)

Rs. 3,850
This pearl white cambric shirt from Asim Jofa's Pret Essentials collection is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. The expertly embroidered black floral details on the center panels, sleeves,...
ajpe-12-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-12 (2-PC)

Rs. 4,550Rs. 6,950
The mustard shade of this Asim Jofa cambric shirt and trouser combo exudes warmth and vitality. The exquisite embroidery on the front and sleeves adds an element of finesse, while...
ajpe-10-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-10 (3-PC)

Rs. 7,650Rs. 10,750
In this pastel yellow ensemble, is a three-piece delicate shade with serpentine embroidery. The floral patterns in soft pink are reminiscent of a blooming garden in spring, while the intricate...
ajpe-27-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-27 (1-PC)

Rs. 3,950
It is often stated that little is more when it comes to fashion and aesthetics. This exquisite Lilac Cambric shirt is the perfect example of that. With delicate embroidery adorning...