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ajai-20-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,950
A perfect combination of resplendence and radiance! This flamingo number exudes femininity and grace. The slub lawn shirt has a gorgeous embroidered neckline on organza, and two side bunches with...
ajai-07-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,450
Inspired by French and Persian carpets this block-printed pastel number is a comfy piece from ‘Aira’ collection, has a soft beautiful look, which exudes royalty. The shirt of the ensemble...
ajai-08-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,850
Mawra Hocane is a sight for sore eyes, slaying in this two-piece eastern number featuring block printed finesse on airy lawn canvas. Glinting sequins interlaced with filigree threadwork adorns the...
ajbp-12-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,190
Presenting a magnificent feel with a calm off-white shade with a pop of vibrant pink, this design is sure to attract eyeballs with its captivating floral pattern. Picture yourself in...
ajai-35-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,950
Step into the realm of mystique with Saboor Aly as she unveils the enigmatic Aira collection by the visionary Asim Jofa. Like a shadow weaving its spell, this black ensemble...
ajai-30-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 3,650
Mawra Hocane looks pretty in pink in this gorgeous two-piece outfit by Asim Jofa. The organza neckline is embroidered with sequins and thread, adding some sparkle and texture to the...
ajai-26-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,850
Mawra Hocane emerges as a vision of enigmatic beauty, embodying the essence of mystery and allure in this captivating ensemble. Cloaked in the velvety embrace of black, the ankle-length shirt...
ajai-34-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,750
Like a serene garden bathed in moonlight, this ensemble is a poetic symphony of elegance and grace. The cambric shirt blooms with delicate floral embroidery, each stitch a testament to...
ajai-19-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,850
Be ready to slip into the ethnic zone with modernity, this midnight purple number graced by Kinza Hashmi is from Asim Jofa’s new collection ‘Aira’. This gorgeous stylish option will...
ajai-40-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,250
Dive into a world where black and powder blue collide, creating a canvas of captivating beauty. Here Urwa Hocane dons a captivating combination of embroidery adorned with botanical florals and...
ajai-29-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,450
Set your sights on pure fashion enchantment as Saboor Aly slays in this breathtaking ensemble with arctic cambric, she exudes an air of ethereal beauty that captures hearts and ignites...
ajai-38-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,850
Saboor Aly personifies finesse in this pinkish-beige number from 'Aira' collection. This two-piece masterwork, inspired by the hypnotic beauty of nouveau patterns, features intricate needlework that flows like an orchestra. A mesmerizing...
ajbp-13-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 4,690
Mirroring the heavenly charm of bold hues and bloom in the flourishing motifs of an ethnic ensemble with ‘Asim Jofa Prints’. This Prussian-blue number becomes a deep ocean of possibilities,...
ajbp-36-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-36 (3-PCS)

Rs. 4,290
Unleash your inner art connoisseur with this design in teal blue, where the digitally printed lawn shirt and chiffon dupatta evoke the essence of contemporary art. The motifs intertwine like...
ajbp-40-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-40 (3-PCS)

Rs. 4,190
Captivate hearts with this majestic black creation. The embroidered neckline and the intricate border detailing add a touch of luxury. The shirt and chiffon dupatta blend harmoniously, while the maroon...
ajbp-45-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-45 (3-PCS)

Rs. 4,490
Dazzle with divine elegance in this resplendent ensemble. The captivating blue shirt is adorned with beige motifs oozing opulence. The embroidered neckline adorned with maroon embroidery and sequins, adds a...
ajbp-44-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-44 (3-PCS)

Rs. 4,290
Dive into the world of elegance with this mesmerizing blue ensemble. The intricate sequins and thread work embroidery on the neckline add a touch of luxury. The shirt showcases artistic...
ajbp-47-unstitched-unstitched dress design

AJBP-47 (3-PCS)

Rs. 4,090
Radiate the brilliance of a sunflower's charm with this enchanting ensemble, painted in the hues of a summer sunrise. The vibrant yellow shade glows like the cheerful demeanor, while the...
ajai-03-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 5,550
Celebrating the ancient legacy of sub-continent culture, Urwa Hocane exudes regality in this ensemble from ‘Aira’ collection, embellished with diverse motifs and striking print rendered in gold dust complemented by...
ajai-01-unstitched-unstitched dress design


Rs. 5,950
Behold the enchanting allure of the ‘Aira’ collection, as Urwa Hocane effortlessly embodies the essence of ethnic chic. Like a captivating tribal queen, she enchants with her fiery presence. This...