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ajpe-42-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,750 PKRRs. 5,550 PKR
Make your mark and showcase your individuality with this eclectic piece. This classy outfit is an ideal illustration of how the color cream can convey high standards of aesthetics. The...
ajpe-44-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,350 PKR
In this charming creation from Asim Jofa’s Essentials collection, the delicate leek green hue of the cambric shirt and trousers brings a fresh, spring-like quality to the ensemble. The embroidered...
ajpe-47-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,650 PKR
The raspberry-pink hue of this cambric shirt and trouser ensemble oozes an air of playfulness, making it a must-have for the fashion-savvy. The bold blue embroidery howls extravagance. Our trendy...
ajpe-46-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,250 PKR
An evocative Ice-water shade defines this pristine cambric shirt, evoking a sense of serenity and calm. The shirt's design is marked by tasteful embellishments, such as the embroidered lace neckline...
ajpe-39-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 6,350 PKR
This cream-pink ensemble from Asim Jofa’s Essentials collection exudes a delicate femininity that is both sophisticated and charming. The meticulously embroidered center panel and sleeve borders on the cambric shirt...
ajpe-37-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,150 PKR
This cambric shirt is dramatic by virtue of its lavender color. The white embroidery on the shirt's central panel and borders reflects a keen eye for detail. The use of...
ajpe-38-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,550 PKR
Dress to impress and take on the world with confidence. In this tantalizing rhubarb-colored ensemble, the embroidered neckline and sleeve bunches on delicate cambric add an exquisitely refined touch. The...
ajpe-32-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 5,850 PKR
Channel your inner goddess with our feminine and powerful design from Asim Jofa’s Essential collection. This latest creation is a harmonious blend of simplicity and luxury. The off-white cambric shirt...
ajpe-31-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,750 PKRRs. 6,450 PKR
This vivid pink cambric top is flawlessly designed, it has pleasing embroidered lace on the neckline and organza sleeves. The basic cambric shirt and pants promise effortless charm, while the daman bunch for the front...
ajpe-40-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,250 PKRRs. 5,350 PKR
Experience fashion like never before with Asim Jofa’s Essentials collection. This elegant ensemble in rich brown oozes understated sophistication. The cambric shirt boasts intricate embroidery along the neckline and sleeve...
ajpe-48-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 4,150 PKR
An embodiment of understated grandeur, this rust cambric shirt is a captivating work of art. The intricate embroidery with border and sleeve creates a captivating textural interplay, drawing the eye...
ajpe-49-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls


Rs. 3,650 PKRRs. 5,450 PKR
Unveil the essence of celestial beauty with Asim Jofa's Essentials collection. Like a moonlit voyage, this captivating ensemble in the depths of True Navy mesmerizes the senses. The cambric shirt...
ajpe-01-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-01 (3-PC)

Rs. 7,450 PKR
The golden embroidery on this cambric shirt is exquisitely complemented by the dyed golden zari chiffon dupatta, creating a cohesive and elegant look that is sure to turn heads. This...
ajpe-02-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-02 (1-PC)

Rs. 4,750 PKR
Asim Jofa's turquoise cambric shirt is a true marvel of design, seamlessly blending traditional embroidery techniques with modern sensibilities. The intricate center panel, side panels, and daman border add a...
ajpe-03-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-03 (1-PC)

Rs. 3,850 PKR
This pearl white cambric shirt from Asim Jofa's Pret Essentials collection is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. The expertly embroidered black floral details on the center panels, sleeves,...
ajpe-04-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-04 (3-PC)

Rs. 7,350 PKRRs. 10,650 PKR
The fusion of traditional techniques with modern designs in this carmine-hued ensemble from Asim Jofa's Essentials collection is a testament to the brand's bold and daring approach to fashion. This...
ajpe-05-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-05 (2-PC)

Rs. 6,450 PKR
In a serene shade of jade green, this 2-piece ensemble is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. The intricate embroidery on the front and sleeves adds an exquisite touch...
ajpe-06-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-06 (1-PC)

Rs. 2,950 PKRRs. 4,450 PKR
Asim Jofa's self jacquard shirt in hot pink with gold embroidery is a true statement piece. The embroidered front and back, along with the embroidered sleeves and neck pati, make...
ajpe-07-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-07 (3-PC)

Rs. 6,150 PKRRs. 9,050 PKR
The beauty is in the details of this Asim Jofa Essentials ensemble in a mesmerizing teal hue. The cambric shirt is adorned with embroidered side panels and a border for...
ajpe-08-casual dresses - casual dresses for girls

AJPE-08 (1-PC)

Rs. 6,450 PKR
Lime green is the color of energy and enthusiasm, and this cambric shirt from Asim Jofa's Essentials collection captures that spirit perfectly. The exquisite white embroidery on the front and...