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SKU: AJBP-24-Unstitched
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By Pcs: 2 Pcs
Shirt: Cambric
Trouser: Cambric
Color: Black

Experience the bold elegance of ‘Asim Jofa Prints’ as it reveals a captivating duo in the timeless shades of black and the electrifying hue of shocking pink. The shirt adorned with an enchanting print design that displays floral and geometric magnificence in a symphony of colors, becomes a sign of contemporary allure. Prepare to be amazed by the intricately embroidered neckline, where sequins glitter like diamonds on a glamorous necklace that adds some sparkle and shine. Elevate your fashion game and make a statement with your impeccable sense of style.


1 embroidered neckline on organza
1.15 meters wide width digitally printed cambric shirt
1.65 meters dyed cambric trousers

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