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By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Twisted Silk
Dupatta: Chiffon
Color: Purple
Angrakha: Chiffon

Unveil the enchanting beauty of deep purple with this kalidar Angrakha by Asim Jofa, a canvas adorned with exquisite embroidery. The motifs reminiscent of ancient architecture tell a story of timeless allure and regal splendor. The interplay of dark antique gold zari and light gold sequins is akin to a magical twilight casting a spell of sophistication. Embroidered with precision on the kali, borders, hem, sleeves, and dupatta, this ensemble is a masterpiece of poetic craftsmanship.


  • 15 embroidered kali on chiffon
  • 3.5 meter embroidered medium border on chiffon
  • 5 meters embroidered ghera border for hem angrakha on chiffon
  • 1 meter embroidered sleeve on chiffon
  • 2.5 meters embroidered dupatta with 4 side borders on chiffon
  • 1.6 meters trouser on twisted silk

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