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Shirt: Chanderi cotton
Color: Magenta

Behold the ethereal allure of the 'ZARI SITARA' collection, as Mawra Hocane graces the stage in the resplendent amaranth chanderi cotton number. Like a captivating symphony of stars, this shirt reveals a celestial tale woven with black sequins and threads, illuminating the fabric with enchanting embroidery. The embroidered front and side panels unfold as cosmic constellations, while the embroidered back whispers secrets of the universe. With sleeves adorned in divine borders, and hemlines kissed by embroidered stardust, this ensemble is a classy piece. Get ready to dazzle everyone.


  • Embroidered front center panel on chanderi cotton
  • Embroidered front 2 side panels r/l on chanderi cotton
  • Embroidered back on chanderi cotton
  • 1 meter embroidered sleeves with border on chanderi cotton
  • 30” embroidered border for the front hemline on chanderi cotton
  • 30” embroidered border for the back hemline on chanderi cotton
  • 2.5 meter borders for front and back chaak on chanderi cotton

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